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manners and etiquette preschool program




Actions really do speak louder than words. 

For children to be successful in life, they need to have social skills as well as academic skills.  When children are polite, kind and honest, they develop character and confidence.       

Research shows that between the ages of 2 and 5 is the best time for a child to learn manners and social skills.  Lil’ Angels Learning recognizes how important these skills are in your child’s life and has created an environment that teaches children to be kind to their peers as well as the adults in their lives. 

We are now taking this one step further with added curriculum that builds character and self-confidence.  The program includes:

*     Understanding basic politeness

*     Telephone etiquette

*     Developing table manners

*     Identifying community manners, classroom consideration, & respecting others

*     Learning birthday party manners

*     Good sportsmanship

These skills are not learned overnight, but through daily use of kindness and manners your Lil’ Angel will be more confident and ready for all that life has waiting for them!

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Lil’ Angels Learning is about developing your Whole Child.  Through daily activities inside and outside, with the addition of Funsical Fitness, we are able to bring learning & fun to a physical level!

Here’s What Funsical has to say: 

This is FUNSICAL a progressive sequence of Movement, Music and Language development activities to keep children consistently Moving and Improving! The primary goal of Funsical is to provide children a systematic progression of research based, developmentally appropriate activities that provide a natural and wholistic method for enhancing the functioning of their motor system.  The motor system represents the three parts of the body that are actively involved in all movement, learning and communication. They are the:

•  Brain    •  Nervous System    •  Muscles

Information and stimulus is received through the five senses. We see, hear, smell, taste and feel the sensations and realities of the world. It then becomes the role of the brain, nervous system and muscles to interpret, organize and processes these sensations and realities, and transform them into movement, knowledge or communication. When this transformation is steady and proficient then learning, moving and communicating becomes more fun, effortless and desirable.

Funsical offers children a simple, comprehensive sequence of activities for building strength, balance, endurance, character, confidence and coordination while learning to identify, comprehend and speak the basic terminology of the English language. It utilizes developmentally appropriate movement, vocalization, sensory integration, drama, humor, athletics, music, rhythm and dance techniques developed by a variety of professional educators, medical professionals, speech, occupational and physical therapists to enhance children's motor, cognitive and social-emotional development.

Preschool Physical Fitness Program

Building Character, Confidence and Coordination to Develop the Whole Child

Special Preschool Programs

Sign Language Program

We are thrilled to offer basic American Sign Language (ASL) to all children at Lil’ Angels Learning! 

Thanks to a very special little boy I had the privilege of caring for, we were immersed into a quiet new world of signing.  This taught the children I care for, as well as myself, so much more than we ever imagined.  I had a first hand experience of how sign language help deaf/hard of hearing children as well as hearing children and it is amazing how much it benefited everyone!

We began our ASL journey with the Signing Time! video series, created by singer and actress, Rachel Coleman.  It presents ASL in an easy to learn, engaging format of stories and songs that all kids LOVE!  I would recommend these products to everyone.

Baby Sign Language Program

ASL is the 3rd most used language in the United States.  Learning basic ASL as a child will be a valuable resource later in their lives.  In addition, there are many personal benefits for hearing children learning ASL.

Benefits of Sign Language?

Promotes and reinforces language skills

Reduces frustration from being unable to express needs

Increases spatial reasoning development

Helps communicate emotions

Offers children a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment

Increases Creative Thinking

Reduces unexplainable emotional outbursts

Increases early literacy skills

Teaches babies and toddlers the basics of a conversation

I am not qualified to teach children how to speak fluent ASL, but I love the opportunity to present such a wonderful addition to our learning environment.  We are learning new signs all of the time and I see the benefits every day.  Signing does not take the place of or delay speech.  It adds an extra slice of education and fun to our days and actually encourages language development.  I enjoy sharing this with my kiddos and encourage everyone to sign with their children!