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Children thrive when they know what to expect.

We typically follow he schedule below.

  Free Pla y   Let’s Pretend - Imagination is the focus and the activity choices are endless.
7:30 Breakfast    (Large and small motor skills are used as kids are challenged to experience and think through
  Let's Pretend   different real life situations through Dramatic Play, Dress-up, Kitchen, House…)
  Circle Time   Circle Time - Concepts, Vocabulary, Calendar, Weather, Welcome Songs
Thinking Tots / Discovery Cove   Thinking Tots - Hands on play that challenges children to problem solve 
10:00 Snack   Math Concepts: Patterns, Quantity, Prediction, Classification, Sorting, Charting, 
  World of Wisdom   Graphing, Symbols, Problem Solving, Geometric Concepts, Measurement, Estimation & Money
  Journals   Discovery Cove - Fun Science inspired activities
Outside Play   World of Wisdom - Fun activities to reinforce the building blocks of Early Education.
11:45 Lunch   Letter, Number, Shape and Color recognition.
  Aspiring Artists   Journals - A chance for self expression without direction.  These are fantastic keepsakes!
Music Masters   Aspiring Artists - Creativity!  Fun unit specific projects to take home.
Ready Readers   Music Masters - Instruments, Singing and Dancing
Story Time   Children learn new songs and gain an appreciation for music while reviewing many 
Nap/Rest Time   fundamental skills in other learning areas
3:15 Snack   Ready Readers - Exploration of various word sources making the transition to 
Outside Play/Busy Builders   reading more comfortable.
We can and do make changes to allow flexibility & variety! Comprehension Skills, Making Everyday Connections, Word/Letter/Symbol/Picture Recognition, 
      Reading Strategies, Phonics, Vocabulary Building, Punctuation, Listening
  *All times are approximate*  

Busy Builders  - Hands on fun building and learning through trial and error


Sample Weekly Menu      
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday
Milk Milk Milk Milk Milk
Apples Oranges Bananas Juice Grapes
Cheerios Toast Muffins Kix Cereal Pancakes
Morning Snack        
Milk Grapes Milk Cheese Cubes Juice
Trail Mix Yogurt Graham Crackers Crackers Animal Crackers
Milk Milk Milk Milk Milk
Bananas Salad Carrot Sticks Pears Peaches
Green Beans Mixed Berries Apple Mixed Veggies Fries
Homemade Pizza Ham & Cheese Hot Dogs Chicken Nuggets
Macaroni & Cheese   Sandwich
Afternoon Snack        
Juice Apple Slices Pretzels Wheat Thins Milk
Goldfish Peanut Butter Cheese Carrot Sticks Cookies
*This is only a sample menu.  Our menu changes from week to week to offer variety & excitement.
Meals are included with your tuition!

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